Following in the august tradition of Laurel & Hardy, Martin & Lawrence, Nixon & Kissinger, and Beavis & Butthead, the Bro Brothers incite everything from gut-bursting, sphincter-clenching laughter to the occasional wry smile. All while doing what they do best: bro-ing it up and bringing the bro-down. Join them as they meet a host of wacky characters on their brotastic adventures. Or not. Whatever bro, that's cool.

These short comedic animations have a style all their own. Fresh storytelling is served on a bed of catchy electro music and topped with a generous potion of eye candy. The Bro Brothers is an instant cult classic.

Bro Brothers is currently seeking film festival exposure as well as other distribution platforms.


Webisodes Sneak Peaks

Clip from webisode 1 - Don't Bro Me Bro

Clip from webisode 2 - Crackbot 9000

Clip from webisode 3 - Go Storm Stupid

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